The Greatest Hits of Music

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Rather than focus on one particular era, The Greatest Hits of Music plays the biggest and best hits from the sixties right up to today’s hits. The show is about the strength of the artists and their familiarity with their songs.

It’s about the best-produced, and most-uplifting hits through the years. All mixed together with occasional songs from charts around the world. Music and showbiz news, and a bit of light fun and banter.

Every so often something on the radio comes along that is really “GREAT”.

James has been broadcasting one way or another since he was a scruffy teenager. He’s been a DJ, Producer, TV Presenter, Journalist, Reporter, Operations Manager, and Distribution Manager at numerous radio and TV stations in the UK and around the world. Somehow the radio and TV are “in his blood”. Throughout his career, he’s had close links with many aspects of broadcasting.

The Greatest Hits of Music crew

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